Dermolipectomy is the surgical procedure that is performed in order to provide great shape to different parts of your body such as arms, thighs and also waist by removing the excessive skin. The dermolipectomy that is done for the purpose of removing too much skin hanging from your upper arms is also called brachioplasty. Throughout the brachioplasty or arm lift, the cosmetic surgeon will certainly create an incision under the arm that will begin with the armpit and end at the elbow. Another sort of body contouring treatment is done for the purpose of creating space between the thighs and providing them with wonderfully contoured look. During the thigh lift, your plastic surgeon will create a vertical incision on the inner side of the legs and remove excessive skin. Similar treatment is followed during the dermolipectomy done for the waist. If you have loose skin hanging from various parts of your body, after that getting a full body contour can help you eliminate it.