Our diet regimen and nutrition clinics in Dubai can handle anything from food plans that deal with allergic reactions or lifestyle changes, to major weight loss and bariatric surgical procedure for treating obesity.

We have a Nutrition & Dietary Support Health care clinic to help you find the right diet plan and activities for your chosen lifestyle, milestones, allergic reactions and food intolerance, and also sport improvement.

At our Digestive Clinic, our dietitians can create diet plans to support the suggestions of our gastroenterologist. At our Weight-Management Clinic, our dietitians devise individual weight-loss strategies, and also work closely with our bariatric doctor to help obese clients to regain their health.

So, whether you are searching for a detox or weight loss plan, a fitness and health clinic, food-intolerance testing, a cholesterol treatment clinic, genetic testing for an obesity gene, gastric reflux treatment, obesity surgery, or any amount of diet plan or weight-related problems, our Dubai clinics have you covered.