You may assume that your ears might not have to do anything with your beauty, yet the truth is that your ears play incredibly vital role in the beauty of your entire personality. If your ears are perfectly shaped and are in proportion to your head, they will certainly look lovely. However, if they are misshapen or otherwise placed perfectly then not only will they look awful but will certainly also make your personality appearance ugly. At Ladora Clinic, our wonderfully picked team of the very best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai can provide you with the world class solution to all of your ear problems within a day.

Otoplasty is the cosmetic surgical procedure that can help in boosting the shape or positioning of your ear. You do not like the shape of your ears or they look out of proportion due to some kind of birth defect, otoplasty has the complete solution to every type of ear trouble. The wonderful aspect of otoplasty is that it doesn’t change the shape of your ear temporarily or artificially. It is totally natural. When you are made with the procedure, your ears will certainly look totally normal.

The otoplasty procedure includes reshaping the cartilage of the ear, sometimes removing some cartilage, and also placement of the ears in correct relationship to the face and head. It produces generally great cosmetic results. Even when results are occasionally imperfect, it is usually feasible to make revisions successfully.