If you are losing your younger appearances then worry not because facelift procedure offered by Ladora Clinics can rejuvenate your beauty in a jiffy. Ladora Clinics is the only dermatology clinic in Dubai that offers premium quality facelift procedure at budget friendly costs. Facelift is a surgical procedure through which wrinkles on the face are gotten rid of by tightening the skin. It is a procedure usually performed to boost the sagging look of the face.

You might go with a facelift if you are losing confidence as a result of the sagging skin of your face and skin. If your reflection makes you look older and you are trying to conceal the wrinkles on your neck by wearing turtle neck t-shirts and sweater, then facelift is the one you require. Facelift procedure has actually helped thousands of people regain their positive self-image as it helps you reveal your younger, energetic and attractive side to the world.


A facelift treatment might be performed in your doctor’s office or in an outpatient surgical facility. Premedication is generally recommended to relax the patient. The procedure is usually performed under basic anesthesia with the patient asleep, but can be performed using a local anesthesia. Your doctor will operate on one side of the face each time. The incision is placed in the all-natural crease of the facial skin as well as starts inside the hairline, in the temple area above and forward of the ear. It continues inside the ear, or in front of the ear around the earlobe and behind the ear. The skin is lifted outward and the doctor tightens up and also repositions the underlying muscles and tissues. Excess skin and fat may be eliminated. The incision is then closed with great sutures and/or metal clips. If metal clips are used, shaving hair from the incision site may be avoided. A facelift can take in between 2 to four hrs depending upon the extent of the treatment.