The Gastric balloon is a non-surgical, weight-loss option for over-weight people. If you have a body mass index [see our BMI calculator] of 27 or even more and also have failed to drop weight using other procedures, this could be an ideal solution for you. There are 2 sort of gastric balloons, the latest is Elipse balloon, which is a capsule balloon, requires just 15 mins for placement and is done under Xray, it doesn’t need endoscopy or sedation. The very best part is that there is no need to remove as it passes out naturally after 4 months. The various other type of gastric balloon is endoscopic balloon(Orbera, Lax Ball, Spatz). Which is placed using a endoscope and also is removed after 6-12 months using endoscope, and you have to go to the health center for a few hrs just.

Researches have actually revealed that patients lose up to 3x the amount of weight they would from workout and diet regimen alone.