Today, bariatric surgery is a particularly effective and accessible method of treatment for morbid obesity. If not for bariatric surgical procedure, many obese individuals would have very few options in terms of treatment. Normally, patients are very satisfied with their long-term results, namely substantial and also sustainable weight-loss, control or elimination of chronic diseases such as diabetic issues, and an overall much better quality of life.

However, occasionally there can be a gap between what people are anticipating and their result. These patients will typically visit our bariatric surgeon in Dubai as he is a specialist at performing complex revision surgeries. Complaints from these people include lower weight-loss than expected, gaining back the weight they lost, and experiencing unpleasant side effects or nutritional concerns. These complaints are not necessarily the fault of the initial surgeon, they may be unique to the patient or procedure.

It is important to remember that disappointing or non-durable results do not automatically mean permanent failure of treatment. Treating obesity is like treating any other complex health condition and not all methods work equally well on all patients. Combining and redoing different surgical procedures provides us the opportunity to overcome the issues.