Rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty is conducted to boost the structure of your nose. If you are not satisfied with the structure of your nose, experiencing some breathing troubles due to the narrow structure of your nose, your nose is deformed or its form is not normal due to any sort of birth defect then rhinoplasty or nose surgery is the only plastic surgery treatment that can help you solve all these issues. Rhinoplasty or nose job treatment will certainly not just provide you with a best nose yet it will certainly also enhance your beauty.

Nose surgery is the reshaping of the nose. It can be performed on an outpatient basis under local or general anesthesia. The treatment normally takes an hour or 2, although a complex procedure may take much longer. Most incisions are made inside the nose, where they are unnoticeable. The skin and tissues of the nose along with the underlying bone and cartilage are sculpted by the surgeon to your desired new shape.

If your nose is too large, for example, your doctor might sculpt away cartilage to decrease its size. Noses that point up or droop down can be redirected by trimming the septum which separates the two nasal passages. Skin can be removed from both sides of the nostrils at the center, to narrow the base of the nose. Sometimes the contour can be improved by adding tissue.

In many cases, the incision for rhinoplasty is placed inside the nose without any visible scarring. Nose surgery is an ambulatory (general or local anesthesia) procedure taking 2 to 3 hours. For 5 to 8 days a small splint will certainly be put on your nose to protect it. You might experience bruising and slight swelling in the eye area. Dressing and splints are normally removed 6 or 7 days after surgical treatment.