Semi permanent Make-up:
“The microblading solution”
Just to make the life more easier and more beautiful!
Starting from brows;
The perfect brow will frame your face beautifully, highlighting the cheek-bones and enhancing your eyes.

We have a different technique differently from patient to patient , to enhance the over look with simple technique under a local anesthesia!
It’s a microblading technique is done using a pen or a devise with a very thin needle , to create super crisp hairs
Throughout the brow.
It can be done to mimic the natural flow of your hair follicles giving the appearance of a completely natural, fuller brow!
Also we can tailor this to suit your needs and your natural look !
This is really perfect for you if you usually pencil in your eyebrows’ or if you want them to appear fuller but completely natural!

And we come to lips !
The “lip blush”
Is a kind a semi permanent makeup color make your face look fresh and young.
It will enhance the divination of your lips by highlighting the contour, give you a more colorful shade or on the opposite fixing a dark pigmentation.