The Correct Order To Apply Your Skin Care Routine

Your Skin Care Regimen Order Explained: How TF to Apply Your Products

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According to a recent research I just made up, 100 percent of you have no freaking strategy what to do with the huge number of skin care products sitting in your shower room (hey, the data. does not. lie.). A minimum of once a week, I get a late-night message from a pal frantically inquiring about the right order to use skin care products. Like, what comes first, serum or toner? Or, wait, face oil? Is that before or after moisturizer? What about face masks? OH, as well as RETINOL. WHAT ABOUT THE RETINOL.

Pay attention, I get it. It’s not like we’re born with an innate knowledge of what order to apply skin care products. And though it may feel like a “whatever works! You do you, boo!” situation, it’s … not. In all. Because if you do not layer your products in the proper way, or if you use the wrong cream with, say, the incorrect toner, you could either render them entirely inadequate or, even worse: hard-core irritate your face.

But do not freak– I spend my life reciting the skincare products or services steps like the commandments, and also now I shall convey my ~ divine ~ knowledge onto you. Below, I broke down the appropriate order to apply your skin care, the actions you can certainly skip, and the very best products for your exact skin kind. Wow, we much better be friends after all this.

Let’s start.

Skincare routine

Pin This, save This, screenshot This, memorize This, whatever. Just save it in your brain, and then read our breakdown and product recommendations, below.

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